Whangarei Falls

We wanted to make the most of the bank holiday and a bit of sunshine today so decided to pack up early and get on the road for a trip North. I had wanted to go to the Whangarei Falls after seeing photos of it on Pinterest. It looked beautiful and I wanted to check them out.

From Puhoi the drive north took around 2 hours. It shouldn’t have taken this long but we decided to follow the signs that told us there was a scenic route. Given that the scenery we had from the main road was pretty great, we thought, well this must be even better, we were in no hurry so took the turn. Big mistake… the road just went to an oil refinery and a housing development. Nothing scenic, or interesting!

We got back onto the main road and headed straight through the town of Whangarei. I was pretty surprised when the sat nav took us to a car park right in the town. Assuming it was wrong, I was pretty baffled to find this stunning waterfall literally in the town. From the photos I had seen it had been made out to be a great find in the middle of nowhere! This aside, it is a beautiful waterfalls and we had a lovely walk along the river. It was very busy and packed with tourists (it was a bank hol after all). Would definitely head back up there on a quieter day to enjoy the area again.


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