Deepest Winter

I hadn’t realised that it had been quite so long since I posted an update but 2.5 months has whizzed by. I guess life has got in the way.. we’ve moved house, got our dog back and been busy avoiding the wetter days of winter. Most importantly for Photearoa we’ve now got proper broadband.. my posts sometimes took hours for the photos to upload in the place we were first staying! Whoop!!

It’s effectively January for us now and we’ve had a pretty wet and stormy week. Most of the country has grounded to a halt as it’s been covered in thick a blanket of snow, people snowed in lots of places Brrrrrr… Lucky for us a few days of very heavy rain has eased up and we’ve had a beautiful winter day.

Our morning started on Orewa beach with not a cloud in the sky, and the sun shining on full pelt for this time of the year. It wasn’t far off high tide so the beach was narrow and it was dog central. Our pooch who has been in the country for 3 weeks now loves the beach and this morning there were so many friendly dogs to sniff bums with that she was in her element chasing around and saying hello! She especially loves chasing the seagulls and today was no exception.

Brunch followed at Olivers, Orewa’s most awesome cafe overlooking the sea in the sunshine. Pancakes, French toast and Salad all gobbled up before we headed over the Wenderholm just for the view today. I don’t think I will ever be bored looking down towards this place….

One thought on “Deepest Winter

  1. These pics are just stunning. It is great to see Jovi enjoying Orewa beach, she ‘s loving it! The clear Winter sky is awesome. You live in an amazing place. X


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