Kinloch , Lake Taupo

I think it is fair to say that this blog has been a little neglected lately. In my defence, the winter has bought dull, rainy days and it hasn’t been so easy to get out and about and take photos of great things and moreover my children are less lenient on my photographing when it means they are standing around in the rain.

It’a been Spring here for a good few weeks now and we have had some beautiful days, but the rain and grey skies are still hanging around.

Despite all of those excuses, we did manage to fit a trip to Kinloch and we were very lucky with the weather, hot sunny days abound!

Kinloch will forever be one of the few very special places to my family because it is partly responsible for us moving here. This time last year, pretty much exactly, we were on holiday here trying to decide whether to make the move or not. After a few days in the Coromandel we were not convinced. As beautiful a place as it was it just didn’t feel right and definitely didn’t help to convince us to move to the other side of the world. From there we drove to Lake Taupo town and whilst we liked it there we were still unconvinced. We have the big Kaikoura quake of Nov 2016 to thank for the turn in events of our trip as it stopped our trip to Wellington and instead we had to find very last minute accomodation in Kinloch.

It was here in Kinloch that started to turn our decision. It’s beautiful, peaceful rolling hillsides captured our hearts and for the first time we started to be serious about making the move. Drives out in the car took longer for all the photo stops and around each corner there was a bigger ‘wow’.

This time around we chose to stay in the same house again and it was kind of weird but lovely and nostalgic all at the same time. Kinloch is a marina town full of boats that my boys love to look at! It has a beach front full of volcanic pumice stones and picnic places for lazy days with the fam. Its awesome for outdoor pursuits with great cycle trails and as we discovered this time around some great outdoor climbing on the cliff edges at the end of the beach (note to selves to bring ropes next time!). The town itself is very small, there is a small dairy/cafe and a restaurant which is never open! It’s a sleepy place with a very slow place. Perfect for relaxing, even with an almost 4 and almost 2 year old! That is the power of Kinloch! Lol.

Lake Taupo itself is huge. Bigger than central and greater London together. It is a caldera, home to one of the world’s biggest super volcanoes. At it’s southern tip the mountainous ski areas of Ruapehu are home in the Tonagiro reserve. Huge (and live) Volcanoes Ruapehu and Mount Ngauruhoe (aka Mount Doom) smoke and smoulder as pimples on the face of the Taupo Volcano! At the northern end of the lake is where Taupo town and Kinloch are found. Geothermal sites a aplenty around here whether its the space age energy pipes, thermal spa pools or the Craters of the Moon Geo Thermal park, packed with bubbling mud, hissing and steaming fumeroles. The beautiful Huka Falls with its powerful rapids and crystal blue waters still stun me into silence and I will never tire of gazing off into the beautiful lake!

At the end of our second trip here and I can see we have still only scratched the surface of this place. Lucky then that we love it here. Kinloch is peaceful and calm and will forever be one of my favourite places.. lots more trips here to come 🙂

Mount Ngauruhoe, active volcano at the bottom of the lake – also known as Mount Doom (with my pooch!)

The Kinloch Lake Front
Sunset over the lake, Kinloch

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