Christmas Down Under

So I think it’s fair to say the weirdest thing for us in our move ‘down under’ is a hot and sunny Christmas. It has been stinking hot and beautifully sunny.. and very unchristmassy! I managed to get our Christmas tree and decorations put up, but that just felt odd and because the evenings have been so light I haven’t even given thought to putting the twinkly tree lights on. Madness!

In New Zealand the Pohutakawa tree signals Christmas as it’s beautiful Crimson flowers adorn the trees as December approaches. The flower is a Christmas icon pictured over christmas cards and decorations. We are super lucky as near where we live there are 100’s of these gorgeous trees and the lines the beaches making it look like nature made more of an effort to decorate for the season than I did!

As weird as it is Christmas in the sun, with all your homely things around you is a pretty neat thing. We spent our Christmas Day in the garden, lounging around enjoying the family time, and even more so enjoying our evening BBQ with friends. I could definitely get used to this.. there were times I missed the snuggling up, wrapping up in cosy clothes while the air is crisp and fresh. But, then I went back out into the sunshine here and felt that I didn’t miss it so much after all!

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