Milford Sound

I wasn’t entirely sure that we were going to get to Milford Sound this week and was super stoked when just at the last minute, on the last day we managed to sneak our trip in. As part of the birthday celebration I had booked a flight to Milford Sound just for the two of us. Each day of our holiday it had been cancelled due to bad weather at Milford so we had pretty much given up and decided to take a drive up to Glenorchy. As we got there we received a phone call to tell us the skies had cleared and we were on.. but we needed to be at the airport in around 45 minutes. Needless to say we raced back and just made it!

The small propellor plan we got on was taking us and around 8 other people down to Milford Sound – smallest plan I have been on ever and pretty cool too. As we took off the pilot started to explain the route we would take which was in essence retracing the route we had earlier take to Glenorchy at which point we would be able to see Mount Aspiring and Mount Cook from the air.

The plan journey itself was incredible. 40 minutes and we were touching down in Milford Sound and ready to catch one of the cruise boats which would take us around the Sound for the next 2 hours before we flew home again.

Milford Sound is a Fiord in the Southwest of New Zealand, on the South Island. Mitre Peak is the best known towering face of Milford Sound rising 1 mile high up out of the water. The Sound is surrounded by rainforests and waterfalls, which are especially spectacular after a lot of rain fall… so all those cancelled days of flying turned out to be lucky for us as they were stunning! The Fiord is home to fur seals, penguins and dolphins. We were lucky enough to see fur seals and dolphins but sadly no penguins for us.

Rudyard Kipling described Milford Sound as the eight wonder of the world and it truly is a stunningly beautiful place. It was carved by glaciers during the ice ages which have created a breathtaking landscape. The cliffs rise sharply from the dark waters and waterfalls cascade down from the peaks, creating rainbows in the sunlight. Milford Sound is the best known of all the Fiordland fiords and it is frequently seen in the tourist imagery as an icon of the New Zealand landscape.

There is no doubt it is a very special place. Our cruise was a constant tour of ‘wow’s’. Breathtaking is absolutely the right word to describe this place and there is no doubt we will be back again.

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